Most consumers know about wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. You buy your goods, often in bulk, at much cheaper prices than what you might find at a normal retailer. But wholesale isn’t just for paper towels and canned goods. Wholesale pharmacies allow patients to receive prescription medications for pennies on the dollar compared to the price of a retail pharmacy.

Through the direct primary care model at Olp Family Medicine of Carmel, I can offer these prescription drug cost savings to my patients.


What is a Wholesale Pharmacy?


A wholesale pharmacy buys and provides drugs in bulk, which translates to lower prices. In addition, when I send patients’ medical prescriptions to a wholesale pharmacy, I bypass the insurance companies and retail pharmacies, essentially skipping over the middleman. That matters, because when you go through an insurance company for your medications there’s an automatic markup at the retail pharmacy.


How Much Cheaper Are Wholesale Prescription Drugs?


On average, the wholesale prices of medications are 50 percent cheaper than what a consumer pays through insurance at a retail pharmacy. Many times, the savings are nearly 90 percent. Here are some surprising prices from Northwind Pharmaceuticals, which is a sister company to the mail-order wholesale company I primarily use, Crosswind Pharmacy.  


  • Blood pressure medication Amlodipine: 90-day supply for $6.49

  • Blood pressure medication Hydrochlorothiazide: 90-day supply for $6.25

  • Blood pressure medication Lisinopril: 100-day supply for $6.57

How Do Wholesale Pharmacies Work?


I order acute medications from Northwind Pharmaceuticals to keep in office. That way I can dispense medications such as antibiotics, muscle relaxers and cough suppressants from my office when treating patients who come in feeling sick or in pain. They save money with wholesale prices and leave the office with the medication in hand, avoiding a trip to the pharmacy.

I use Crosswind Pharmacy for chronic medications. They only fill prescriptions for generic medications. The drugs are delivered to the patient’s house in 90- to 100-day supplies. Price is obviously a huge benefit, but this whole process is very low-maintenance for the consumer.

I send the prescription through my electronic medical records system directly to the pharmacy. Within a couple days, the patient gets a phone call to confirm his or her delivery address, prescription dosage and price. Then, the medication appears on the consumer’s doorstep within three to five days. Refills arrive on an as-needed basis until the prescription changes. No more trips to the pharmacy; it’s so convenient!

Whether you're a current patient of Olp Family Medicine or you're considering becoming a patient, come see me so we can cross-check prices on generic medications you currently take and determine whether we can save you money on your monthly prescriptions.

The savings experienced with wholesale medications is just one of the ways a direct primary care model simplifies and improves the healthcare process for patients. Want to learn more? Please email Olp Family Medicine of Carmel at or call us at 317-343-0611. We look forward to learning more about you and your healthcare needs.  

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